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About Bradshaws Farm Shop & Garden Centre

Bradshaws Farm Shop

Bradshaw’s farm shop has been established for over 35 years. Originally, it was a dairy farm that also kept a few hundred hens. The Bradshaw family decided to start selling the farms own free range eggs (which remain very popular today) from the front of the house.

Due to the success they had from this they decided to start selling basic fruit and vegetables such as potatoes and carrots from local farms. The farms popularity grew and more and more people were coming here for their fresh produce. To meet this growing demand they turned their garage into a small shop. Steadily throughout the years the shop became increasingly popular and expansion was regularly required. The shop moved from the garage to a larger shed and then to a larger building before in 1985 the farms milking parlour was converted into the farm shop.

The shop was now large enough to stock a wide variety of home-grown and local fresh produce for its growing customer base. Over the years, the farms land has been increasingly used to grow fruit and vegetables such as new potatoes, rhubarb, spring cabbage, pumpkins, courgettes, marrows, spinach, leeks, beetroot, beans, spinach, blackcurrants, gooseberries and a selection of herbs.

In addition to the farm shop, there is also a garden centre that has grown progressively throughout the years plus two large outdoor buildings that are used to store large amounts of logs, coal, composts, fertilisers etc.

The most recent extension to shop was completed in April 2009. This doubled the size of the shop as well as adding a customer toilet, a preparation room, an office, a staff room and extra storage space. This new expansion allowed the shop to not only increase its fresh produce range but also add many new lines such as local meat, bread and cheese to name just a few.