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  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

    Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

    Fresh fruit and vegetables are our main focus. We stock a wide variety of fresh produce at very competitive prices. Where possible we try to either grow our own or source from local farms. Information on what we grow can be found on the growing page.You can also find when home grown and local produce is available on our seasonal calender. We also have a daily delivery from the wholesale market.

  • Local Bread

    Local Bread

    Bread is freshly baked and delivered on a daily basis from a local bakery. A selection of white, wholemeal and granary loaves and teacakes can be found as well as iced fingers, scones, eccles cakes and fruit teacakes.

  • Local Meat

    Local Meat

    Meat is delivered regularly from a local butcher. We sell a selection of cooked meats, sausages, bacon and burgers as well as gammon, black pudding, chicken, pork chops and mince. Different meats can be ordered in on request.

  • Local Dairy

    Local Dairy

    There is a wide selection of cheese sourced from two local suppliers. We also sell milk, yogurts, cream and ice cream.

  • Our Own & Local Free Range Eggs

    Local Free Range Eggs

    As well as the eggs from our own free range hens we also supply eggs from two local farms.

  • Local Cakes

    Local Cakes

    A local bakery provides us with a wide range of sweet baked goods. These include pies, crumbles, tarts, slab cakes, squares, flapjacks, scones, biscuits, sponges and swiss rolls. 

  • Fresh Cut Flowers

    Fresh Cut Flowers

    The shop also offers a good selection of fresh cut flowers. This includes locally grown seasonal flowers.

  • Other


    As well as the produce mentioned above the shop also stocks soups, pasta, sauces, chutneys oils, olives, pesto, vinegars, chocolates, sweets, crisps, dried fruit, drinks, flours, sugars, herbs, spices, nuts, rice, biscuits, seafood, marmalades, preserves, honey and various other food items.