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Seasonal Calendar

Certain Home Grown and Local produce are only available at certain times of the year.

We have therefore created the below guide to show which times of the year the seasonal produce will be available.

  • January


    Local Winter Vegetables available such as Leeks and Spring Cabbage.

  • February


    A wide selection of Plant and Vegetable Seeds arrive, as well as a selection of Local Seed Potatoes.

    Speciality Bouquets and other Cut Flowers for Valentines Day.

  • March


    Our Home Grown Spring Cabbage is available in March and April.

  • April


    Freshly picked Local Strawberries from April until September.

    Our Home Grown Spinach is ready in April and is available throughout the summer.

    We have our own herb garden, with all the main Herbs growing. Bunches of freshly cut Herbs are available from April right through until September.

    A great range of Locally Grown Bedding Plants, Basket Plants and Hanging Baskets.

  • May


    Our Home Grown New Potatoes start being dug towards the end of May.

    Pilling Tomatoes are available from May until August.

    Home Grown Gooseberry bushes are ready for picking in May.

    Home Grown Rhubarb from May until August.

  • June


    Freshly dug Pilling Potatoes are ready at the start of June.

    Blackcurrant bushes are ready for picking in June. Ready picked boxes are available in the shop or alternatively you can choose to 'Pick Your Own' for half price.

    Redcurrant bushes are also ready in June.

  • January


    Home Grown Courgettes in July and August.

    Home Grown Beans in July and August.

  • August


    Home Grown Damsons are picked during this Month.

    Home Grown Marrows are also ready.

    A selection of Home Grown Squash will be available as well.

    Plus bunches of Home Grown Beetroot.

  • September


    Home Grown Leeks are ready at the start of September.

  • October


    Home Grown Pumpkins are grown ready for Halloween.

  • November


    Treacle toffee, parch peas and toffee apples are stocked ready for bonfire night.

  • December


    A massive selection of Christmas Trees arrive at the start of December. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of Nordman, Scotch Pine, Spruce and Rooted Trees.

    As well as trees there is also a variety of Christmas decorations such as Holly Wreaths, Holly Bunches, Mistletoe and Grave Pots.

    We also take orders for Local Free Range Turkeys, ready to be collected just before Christmas.

    Place your Christmas order with us to be collected or delivered.